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Feature request : Shortcut key to re-establish clipboard chain

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quite possible -- let me look into the function and see if i can add options for it.
but what apps are you using that are messing up the clipboard chain so frequently?

I'll have to be more vigilant. It could be one of my own scripts in InfoQube. What can mess the clipboard chain?

Is that on Windows 8.1 Armando?

I've been having recurring problems copying text on 8.1 - but it usually works after a few attempts (and I dont use the machine very seriously so dont pay a whole lot of attention to things).

Thanks Tomos. Yes, windows 8.1.  I must say I've always found the clipboard chain with any clipboard manager and any windows version to be kind of fragile... But it could be linked to Windows 8.1 underlying clipboard system. No idea.
That said, I can't really go back to anything else and it wouldn't be worth it just... for the clipboard.

Please try the new beta; in addition to the hotkey, on the clipboard tab you can also increase the frequency of automatic clipboard chain re-establishment.


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