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MoveOut: License? I want to extend it

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I used MoveOut for some time, but due to it's limitations I ended up extending its functionality. Some of the things I added are:

* Comma separated list of values for included files (*.jp?g,*.png,*.gif)
* Relative path management
* Fixed some bugs like overwriting not working
* Added age to the list of rule's option, so you can move files based on last modification time
My plan is to create a forked program from it and release it as open source. But I would need to know MoveOut's license and I need original author agreement.


Hopefully skrommel, the author will respond and, ideally, post a little statement about his apps in general.
Could you perhaps draft a short minimal suggested "license" for him, that he could adopt?

Having said that -- skrommel has never expressed anything but approval for people taking his source code and modifying it, and if your intention is to make an open source fork, I cannot fathom a scenario where skrommel would object to that for the MoveOut tool.

I'm not an expert on licenses. In fact I started to use them just some weeks ago. I usually use simplified BSD clause 3.


Sorry for bumping this, but I'm very interested.


^ might be worth sending skrommel a PM


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