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free photo editing?

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Picasa should work reasonably well:
Affinity Photo is also currently in a free beta period and may work (not sure how extensive its RAW support is):

- Oshyan

The most user-friendly photo editor is Luminar But as it usually happens, the best things don't come for free. The good news is it can open RAW files.

mrHappy: lightroom clone or inspired by.

freeware viewer with (very basic) editor:

Able RAWer is an easy to use program targeted to view and correct RAW images (photos) taken with digital cameras. Free RAW editor. Free RAW corrector. Free RAW converter.

Supported formats: raw, crw, cr2, nef, pef, raf, x3f, bay, orf, srf, mrw, dcr, dng, arw.
Able RAWer is a utility to read and manipulate raw images from digital cameras.
Program allows to resolve all the exposure and white balance issues during the raw conversion.

Reads many RAW formats from digital cameras.
Supported RAW camera formats
(crw, cr2, nef, raw, pef, raf, x3f, bay, orf, srf, mrw, dcr, dng, arw).
Image processing (Color Adjust, Effects, Crop); and
Auto Adjust Colors;
Blue and Red scales;
Brightness value;
Interpolating RGBG as four colors;
High-quality or low-quality color interpolation;
Automatic white balance;
Camera white balance;
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