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free photo editing?

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Any know of any free programs that can open raw files from a Canon T5-i ?

I need a photo editor that can open raw files and just do really simple editing, I have tried gimp and I know its the biggest free alternative to photo shop. but man is a it a train wreck to work with, not user friendly at all.

There's gotta be something out there that's simple and will let me work with raw files right from a Camera.


Does Canon have any utilities to help?

IIRC, the RAW/NEF formats aren't open and vary by manufacturer (and possibly model), which has caused problems for 3rd party developers when creating tools to read them.

No they don't, I have used photo shop and it works fine for viewing raw images, but I can't afford Photo Shop anymore so I guess I have to shoot in jpeg  :-\

maybe you can try Paint.NET with this plugin.


hi lanux, thanks for the link.

I will try it out in the morning and report if it works or not.


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