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IDEA: Print large pictures on multiple pages

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Yes, one dimension would be sized to fit the width of the page, and the other dimension would span multiple pages, preserving the aspect ratio of the original document.

(i am not sure about this) if we insert the oversize pic in html editor, create a html file with the image, then open in IE and print, can it print this way?

that might work, but its not exactly an elegant solution..
surely there is a free image printer out there that already does this well..

i just tried print preview in firefox, it worked, that Test File:

split into 8 pages. this is really simple but.... not elegant. :(

From the webpage:
The Rasterbator is a web service which creates huge, rasterized images from any picture. The rasterized images can be printed and assembled into extremely cool looking posters up to 20 meters in size.

--- End quote ---


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