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ESR: Do NOT stay on top.


Hi Mouser,

I find it irritating that the main dialog always stays on top while not recording. (and I do other things, before next recording)

I think I would like a new option like

Options > Tweaks > [_] Main dialog should stay on top.

Please consider, if you have some time for that very non-important wish.


As you may be my only user, I'll see what i can do.  :D

try new beta:
v1.12.01 Beta download:

* Installer: here
* or Portable: here

Thanks mouser, I will try. But please give me a few days...

v1.12.01 Beta >> "Options > Tweaks > [X] Main dialog should stay on top...." works great  :Thmbsup:

Thank you very much.



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