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Trouble with plus sign in alias

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Jonny Johnson:
Whenever I use the + symbol using an alias, it does not translate in my browser. For example, I have a wolfram alias that I use to graph mathematical expressions, and whenever I use the + symbol it just becomes a space, and I have to manually edit it. Everything else works, such as -/*^(). How can I get the + to work?

can you show me your alias (screenshot)?

Jonny Johnson:
Here you go

Ok, so I can help :)

Someone made a wolfram alpha alias here:

Now if you look at it, you'll see what's different between that one and yours:

The $$u1 is useful when you are opening urls, because it does the necessary replacement urlencoding so that urls are properly encoded when they have symbols like + or & in them.
I'm going to modify the tips on that form to give a hint about this -- it's very tricky i'll admit.


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