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Solved: Visual Studio Toolbox Blues

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I can never remember how to get Visual Studio to show the Toolbox, Form Design, Solution Explorer and Properties windows at the same time.  No autohiding or Toolbox overlapping the Form Design view.  I just installed VS 2013 and I'm in that "about to waste 4 hours doing this for the tenth time" twilight zone.  Anyone know the trick?  It's some little setting I can never find.  Man it drives me nuts.

It's the type of thing that makes me want to stay with C# standard v. 1.06 except it wouldn't emit any useful code.  :)

Edit:  I got it.  I figured out how to use that window position template thing when you drag a window with the mouse.  I think venting helped though.  :)  I just hope everything hangs together.

Stoic Joker:
I was thinking about giving it a shot, but the MPN subscription requirement just didn't sit right with me. Is there really anything that exciting in 13 to make it worth shenanigans?

I'm currently running 10 (08 & 05), and I can score a copy of 12 from the office ... It's just that this subscription shit gives me the willies..

this subscription shit gives me the willies
-Stoic Joker (April 10, 2015, 11:20 PM)
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You don't have to deal with subscriptions for Visual Studio Pro - you can get that SKU for $300 (upgrade) or $500 (full, non-upgrade):


Also, the Community edition is essentially the Pro SKU - it's free for many uses. The main exception is that no more than 5 people in an organization can use Community edition (and if your organization is 'enterprise' sized, then Community can only be used for open source, academic or classrooms purposes):

For SKUs higher than Pro (Premium, Ultimate, etc), then you do need an MSDN subscription.  But if it makes you feel any better, you could consider it a purchase of Visual Studio that comes with a 1 year access to the MSDN downloads - the license allows you to continue using whatever software you downloaded from MSDN after the subscription expires.  You aren't required to renew unless you want continued access to the downloads and to any new download offerings.

Is there really anything that exciting in 13 to make it worth shenanigans?
-Stoic Joker (April 10, 2015, 11:20 PM)
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Well, it seems that the WPF/xaml designer is finally working, without the major hickups and bugs experienced in all previous versions... :-[

I haven't had much chance to look around.  I got an old project that does a tiny Ini Editor, that I originally did on VS8 in C#, to build and run on it so far.  Just judging from the install it seems to have both 32 and 64 bit compilers.  Hopefully I can do 64 bit C++ stuff without kludging on the SDK as I did in the past.

My first goal is to redo my MD5Hash program in C#.  I did it as a dialog Win32 msg loop type program in C++ but I lost the source code.  In any case I learned that the time consumption was the disk i/o rather than the MD5Sum calculations.  If I can optimize the disk reads of large files I'll try the built in hash algorithms in C#(I assume it has them in the framework) and see how it compares to the C++ implementation.

I haven't even looked through the Toolbox yet to see what's neat.  This Laptop seems to have a complex about doing updates.  It must have sat on the updates required for install for 45 minutes.  Even using a Restore Point hangs on this thing.  It's the only Laptop I ever used so I can't say if that is strange but I have a feeling it's uncommon.  :)


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