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Keepass Password Safe mini-review

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Passwords on the move! [...] BUT, this way you won't have access to them when you aren't on your computer.

So, i think it misses a fSekrit + uploader kind of thing. There should be a way to upload all your passwords (or only some selected ones) to an internet server, in an encrypted way, but such that won't need any special program to access it, which means... fSekrit!!
-jgpaiva (June 18, 2006, 06:28 PM)
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Only just thought of this: KeePass doesn't need to be installed, just unzip and run.  So...  how about making a self-extracting archive of KeePass itself and uploading it to your server, along with the current *.kdb files?  Then you could download and run it from anywhere.

Hi Josh,

I found your review in the DC Newsletter. Would you mind the review and screencasts being featured in my newsletter? I get about 3000 unique hits a week there.

I always give credit and a link-back, and I'll mention DC as well.

I have previous reviews from another friend of mine at this url, but I like your screencasts and you did a fine job.

Have fun!

-clif_notes (July 04, 2006, 02:46 AM)
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I have no problems with this as long as mouser doesnt :) Since you said you already would, the only thing I would ask is for the link back and mention of If we can get mouser to reply here, I think he will say go ahead.

as i've said before, as long as their is a link back to dc, i'm all for it. :)

as i've said before, as long as their is a link back to dc, i'm all for it. :)
-mouser (July 04, 2006, 01:32 PM)
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Yes, I'll link back as always. It's going to link to this thread and DC. Also, If Josh has a homepage, I'd love to see it and include a link if it's appropriate.

I'm curious, let's see how many times I've linked to DC in the past ...
Google > site search = > search = donationcoder
Here's the result

Wowwie! Five pages of results ...

Have fun!


I appreciate the link, as I am sure mouser does on every link you post. That was really my only requirement for you putting this in your newsletter so I am now satisfied. As for a webpage, I dont have one of my own as I havent the time to make one. Perhaps one day I can get someone to design me one. Anyways, links back to DC is enough for me as these casts are done for the good of donationcoder, its users, and all the users who happen to stumble upon it.

Thanks for including this and thanks for your help in getting the word spread!



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