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Keepass Password Safe mini-review

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And I thank you all for your donations :) Expect a mini-review of roboform coming soon, possibly tonight, and a new screencast of roboform, keepass, and findandrunrobot coming soon. FARR Will probably be my next, then keepass, then roboform. I figure farr will come since there is an entire forum to it and a mini-review isnt really needed. Keepass is next since I just did the MR, and then roboform will have both done.

If you all have apps you want screencasted, let me know. I am more than happy to help. If you are writing a review, or a mini-review, let me know and I will work it out to get you a screencast to go along with it.

Just wanted to get this out to the masses.

Soon, I will have a screencast of KeePass up. I am just waiting on a certain someone to help me finish this up :) So, stay tuned!

Another Backup Plugin (ABP) is a plugin for the KeePass password manager. ABP automatically copies the initially-opened password database to one or more backup files, so that the passwords can be recovered in case of loss.
--- End quote ---

I was wondering if anyone uses this or knows how to write an AKH to start the program using the command line arguments as described at

I'd like to have it automatically backup to this location C:\Documents and Settings\jdd\My Documents\My KeePass Database Backup  but I can't seem to get the script right.

shoot, you dont need AHK for that, just run a dos batch file that does

copy "MyKeePassDB.kdb" "c:\documents and settings\jdd\my documents\My Keepass Database Backup\MyKeePassDB.kdb"

I appreciate the suggestion but this is not what I had in mind and does not take advantage of the plug in which is designed is to open the backed up database on startup and save it on close.  I was hoping to conjure an AHK script that would run the exectubale utilizing the plugin dll.


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