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Keepass Password Safe mini-review

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i agree with jgpaiva's suggestions.  also the first pic is broken for me.

Fixed :)

Fixed :)
-Josh (June 18, 2006, 09:11 AM)
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LOL!  ;D ;D
I meant having something like "(video)" next to the link, but oh well... That'll do too!  :P

Nice review.  :Thmbsup:

But I think you missed two options:

There is no way to cache a password/keyfile for X Number of minutes after entering your password. You are required to enter it everytime you restore the app from tray. This again, is a small annoyance and nowhere near a show stopper
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You're not required to enter the password each time you restore the app. Only if you tell the application to do so ("lock workspace when minimizing").

If you want to cache the password for a certain amount of time use the option "Automatically lock workspace after... seconds". In the advanced parameters the program can be configured to terminate the app instead of locking.

There is no way to have it CLOSE TO TRAY, I.E. you press the X to close it, and have it min to tray instead. This is a feature I've grown acustom to with various apps that remain in my tray.
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There is clearly the option "Close button [X] minimizes .. instead of terminating app"

Doh, I guess attention to detail has escaped me. My apologies. I will remove those from my review!



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