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Keepass Password Safe mini-review

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Alright all, without delay here is the newest screencast which covers the BASIC functionality of KeePass password safe. I plan to do another which will demonstrate its more advanced features, so if you've been using it, post here what you think should be included and I will be sure to hit on it. Thanks and enjoy

@jdd: The page mentions that you have to start keepass with commandline parameters. If you don't want to run it from the command line (who wants??), you can create a shortcut to keepass, and then, on its properties, add the command line flags to the "destiny" field.

@josh: great screencast!
All the important stuff is there, and thanks for sparing me the work of learning how to do the auto-type!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Since Passkeeper won't allow me to make any new entries any more, I figured I'd give this one a try. It' really nice!

And it's still small enough to fit on a floppy for when I go to my dad's house.

The idea that you can create categories for different types of accounts is great. I was able to put all my accounts and software serials all in the same program instead of having 2 separate copies of Passkeeper.

One thing I didn't notice was an automatic "save on quit" feature. Is there one?

Great review Josh.  :Thmbsup:

One thing I didn't notice was an automatic "save on quit" feature. Is there one?
--- End quote ---

Of course... ;)

Options / Advanced / Start and Exit - Automatically save database on exit and workspace locking

Josh, is a comparison of KPS and Roboform still in the offing? I've been very happy with Roboform but would be curious to know how KPS compares.



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