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[edit] just to be clear: I'm *not* looking for WYSIWYG 'editors' (see TaoPhoenix's post below for why) [/edit]
Any tips will be gratefully received!

* (1) as a beginner, I want to be easily able to find everything.
* (2) using a non-standard keyboard (qwertz) I would like customisable shortcuts (bonus for exportable list of same)
* (3) would love to be able to compare files side by side (e.g. my version and someone elses - but this may be another category of software?)

My experience so far:

Web Architect:
50 euro/ free version (some limitations I think)

It is very beginner friendly:

* everything is easily accessible via ribbon UI
I didnt find it very user friendly:

* it is mouse intensive, and keyboard unfriendly (no shortcuts for very basic things)
* no customisable shortcuts that I could find, at any rate

NetBeans IDE:
recommended by gizmo - all I can say is: as a beginner, dont go there :D

HTML-Kit / HTML-Kit Tools:
free / paid version ($39 upwards)

* Free version had nice wizards to help when creating new files
* Paid version is newer version of same with ribbon interface but with lots of keyboard shortcuts :up:
wizards didnt work out-of-the-box
I preferred the free version interface.
Not sure why I gave up on this one, I think I simply preferred the next one...

($50/$80 home/commercial)

* everything easy to find so far
* customisable shortcuts (dont see any way to export a list of same)
* cant find shortcut for preview current file (but it surely is there - or customisable)
* unable to compare two files side by side (but as said above, maybe I just need to look at different type software for this capability)

Even the free HTML-Kit has a "preview pane"-like window which could be shown side-by-side with your html coding window. You have drag and click somewhat to make this happen every time, but you can set the refresh interval of the "preview pane" in its settings. If that is still a thing you want to have.

A decent text editor where you create the concept of the page you like to make and only when finished you'll do preview in the browser of your the better way to do things. Sure, at first you'll fail, perhaps even fail miserably. But you will proficient with HTML more quickly than when you keep staring at a preview pane to to see the result of each and every change. This is a time-consuming habit.

Same rules apply with CSS...especially when working with tricks to get the same look on different web-engines, you can fall in this trap.

I'm no web builder, but what little I knew of "easy web builders" is if you weren't watchful, and just tried to "drag elements around", the code they produced was stuff like

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspFont=12Text="Hello World"<BR>Font=11&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspText="This is
Your eyes hurt yet?"&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp


I'd recommend WebStorm or PhpStorm.  Now, you might say that WebStorm is a Javascript IDE, and PHPStorm is a PHP IDE, and you'd be correct.  But in practice, they are great for basic HTML editing, and have the features that you want... you can ignore the rest.

Thanks people!

^ PhpStorm is way outside my price-range -
@ $99 I might consider WebStorm (they both look good); the simultaneous HTML tag editing looks nice:

@Shades, I can see the logic of that...

&nbsp to you too Tao :-)
- I'll add an edit to the first post that I'm not looking for WYSIWYG programme.


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