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Extortr Makes Blackmail Easy


Here's a great web finding!

Extortr is a new tool that makes blackmail faster and more efficient than ever before. It bills itself as the “most technologically advanced extortion service in the world”. Simply upload a scandalous photo or video, set a price and use Extortr to send an anonymous threat by email. If your victim doesn’t pay, the upload goes public. The service takes a 10% cut of all transactions, with a $5 minimum. Payments are made via Paypal or - in some cases - deposited into a Swiss bank account.-
--- End quote ---

from irc channel, mouser mentioned it

clever/funny idea.

like a modern version of the Monty Python sketch (okay, the python version is funnier but the website has more potential).

lol! I love these kinds of things. These are also some good ones, "Snubster" and Isolatr - "antisocial network" sites. :D

- Oshyan


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