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Lists of "Rogue Security Software"?


Came across this:

Wikipedia currently has the following definition for "Rogue Security Software":

a rogue (a form of Internet fraud using computer malware) that deceives or misleads users into paying money for fake or simulated removal of malware (so is a form of ransomware) — or it claims to get rid of, but instead introduces malware to the computer.

--- End quote ---

Not sure how up-to-date the list is.

Found some other lists that seemed clearly out-of-date by a year or more.

Apart from asking around, I guess if one is considering something for installation and it's small enough jotti, virustotal, and the like are likely to give useful feedback about the candidate in question.

Just click "edit" and do it ;-)

Example: I've just removed Avast!w from the list.


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