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'create Restore Point' question

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You might need to check if the cooler is properly mounted on the cpu, if it's not firmly and exactly mounted on top then it won't cool good enough.

If the PC is a bit older, you might even want to clean off the old heat conducting paste that is always put between the CPU and the CPU cooler. And re-apply a fresh (thin!) layer.

Actually, I have seen videos of people complaining about Intel putting a cheap heat paste between the top of the actual processor die and the aluminum plate that is intended for the paste between the CPU and the CPU cooler. And replacing that cheap Intel paste with decent paste.

I believe this practice is called 'delidding', which is usually done by over-clockers. Example youtube videos:

Edit: added another youtube video

^ & ^^ Tnx.  :up:
So Intel was using some kind of substandard heat transfer compound between the CPU & lid?
Did they stop doing that yet?

Okay, my CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 4400+, and not Intel, which came to me 6 or 8 years ago as a custom build with an aftermarket CPU cooling fin & fan unit.
I did watch the 'delidding' video, and don't think I want to try that, and anyway mine is an AMD.

Sometime last year, the ASUS mobo told me the CPU fan died and was refusing to boot.
So I had to pull the CPU cooling fin unit anyway to replace the custom CPU fan with a factory-issue ASUS CPU fan that came with the mobo and which I had kept in storage.
In doing so, I had to replace the silver paste.
I had a tube of some 'arctic silver' (I think that is the name) unopened 'in case of need', and I carefully cleaned off the CPU and mating surface of the cooling fin unit, and reapplied fresh silver paste.
So the only thing I can think of is if I somehow did it wrong, but I had watched a video on how to do it first and tried to copy the vid's instructions carefully.
But the crashes only started happening a few months ago, and seem to be related to Adobe updates and online videos, altho I'm only guessing.

The original video card was an NVidia 6800, which quit last year, and was replaced with an NVidia GTS 450, in case that might be a factor.

Go here and make sure it can and is using the HTML5 player, instead of using the default flash based player:

Go here and make sure it can and is using the HTML5 player, instead of using the default flash based player:
-app103 (August 29, 2015, 05:48 PM)
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^Got it, & tnx.  :up:
PaleMoon & Seamonkey seemed the most crashy before.
IE, PaleMoon, & Seamonkey had to be switched; FF & Chrome were already set to it.
The TOR Vidalia FF is really 'iffy' about playing any vids at all, but was already set to it.

Do you think DC's ProcessTamer would help, or is only going to add more overload to the OS?
I have tried both with and without using it, and can't decide which way is better.


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