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'create Restore Point' question

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If you run Windows 7 on your system, you should start taking a look at the 'event viewer'. Windows 7 and up log everything what and when it is happening on your system quite well. You can copy-paste the error message and code(s) verbatim into google/bing/duck-duck-go and see more explanation and/or solutions.

When one moment everything runs fine and then a lot of crashes happen very close to each might be that there is a physical cause, such as local heat buildup, where the pc terminates itself to prevent (further) damage. Checking files for viruses with any anti-virus software (free or commercial) is an intensive task, causing quite some heat to be generated.

Every 6 months I physically clean my computers from dust (including the power careful with that though, the warnings on those devices are really something to take into account), inspect every fan and replace where necessary and check if all cables and cards are seated properly and re-seat where necessary. There are now over 30 computers directly in my care and none of them experience the problem you describe. 

If you work with a laptop, all this is still true...but as laptop cases in general are not meant to be opened and closed regularly, it might be better to do a cleanup job once a year. Dust bunnies are a real problem with laptops and people always think their laptop remains as clean as the time they bought it. Until they see the photos I take during cleanup!

Laptops are only a nice way to generate extra income for me, because these often appear in front of me for repair. And it is mostly the same thing over and over again.

Anyway, you won't know unless you start looking at the event viewer.


^heat is possible.

Shades, I think we're on the right track: heat!

^That's amazing the computer can shut itself down to protect from heat damage.

Okay, my computer is now getting plenty of air.
It crashed a couple of times today, one a BSOD and one just a PaleMoon crash watching YT (youtube).
The YT crash was an Adobe crash of PaleMoon, followed by a mssg 'do you want to continue plug-in?'
Adobe sure seems crashy to me.

What is this mysterious 'plug-in' that is always trying to run with the vids and crashing PaleMoon?
I always click on 'no' that I don't want to run the plug-in, and when there is no crash, the vid plays fine anyway.

The only 'sure way' to avoid YT crashes, seems to be to download the vid, then play it back from Desktop (then delete it).


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