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'create Restore Point' question

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BTW, I wonder how long these daily pop-up 'buy AVG ads' will continue to appear.
It's no biggie, but they seem a little persistent. :)

Ex-Machina pic
SpoilerBTW, would anyone like a little Windows 10 humor?
Cortana is an interactive virtual AI 'helper' created by Microsoft for Windows Phone 8.1 (where it now supersedes Bing Mobile), Microsoft Band, Windows 10, and coming to iOS, Android, and the Xbox One.
Firstly, here's a poster for the flick 'Ex-Machina', an innocuous but sinister robotic AI who spends most of the movie begging to be let out of the prison her creator keeps her locked up in.

Ex-Cortana pic
SpoilerWith Paint Shop Pro 7 and 18 saves, I transformed her into... ...a live-action Ex-Cortana.
Do NOT let her out of the 'box', no matter how sweetly she begs! ;D

(deleted by bit)

Sorry to bother you guys again.
AVG free is great, seems to be an outstanding program. :)
Before, I could at least close the 'buy me' pop-ups.
Now, I can't get this pop-up to close or stop appearing.
I can minimize it, but it reappears if I open or maximize anything else.
It won't close using ctrl-alt-del (does not appear in that menu).
It appears in the CloseAll menu, but refuses to close using that either.
Clicking on the 'x' in the upper-right corner doesn't close it, but makes another 'buy me' pop-up appear.

I did try the 'free trial' full-featured version, so maybe if I uninstall the whole thing, then reinstall and don't choose the 'free trial', I wonder if that would stop this pop-up from happening?

EDIT: Okay, I figured out all I had to do was click on the 'stop maintenance now' option and it finally closed. Tnx.


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