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Bookmarking client


Xmarks keeps corrupting my browser bookmarks, and as I couldn't find an alternative that supported the browsers I use, I have opted for online bookmarking to have access to them from all my machines.
Currently I'm using Pinboard, which I like. But I cannot find a Windows client for it. Is there one? What's everybody else using?

I'm not a power user, I just want to search through my collected bookmarks to find the one I need and launch it. I'm happy to organise them using the website.

Linkman (Pro)

Windows only but by far the best one out there...

It's too bad some WiFi blocks ftp.  I could simply upload bookmarks.json from firefox backup.  I just started using chrome again.  I found that instead of fooling around with the bookmarks if I delete both the bookmarks and bookmarks.bak and start chrome, it is gung ho to import my bookmarks complete with bookmarks toolbar, from firefox. It puts a duplicate on the toolbar that says "bookmarks imported from firefox" which is easily deleted.

Opera still allows the supplanting of all its bookmarks by importing from Firefox then editing the adr file.  Just chop out the folder that says Firefox bookmarks and the remainder of the file will be loaded in to the top level as if it was all Opera bookmarks.  You may have to open the bookmarks folder and drag the toolbar items onto the toolbar.  But once set they work as normal.

IE favorites I don't know if there's a kludge to fix it up.

It seems every one of the sync things I tried eithr creates a ton of dupes or hoses my favicons.  So I just backup and load bookmarks using either json or html format then run an AddOn that fetches all the favicons.

Linkman Pro. Best I have found.



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