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Pastebin command-line app for windows

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That would be great! I Needed a solution 2 days ago but as soon as you can have it done I'll be ready.  :Thmbsup:

I have used Pastequick and it works great, I just need a command line solution that I can call from other scripts and batch files and also be able redistribute.

I'll be giving you a donation for your work as well :)

Thanks so much!!

Glad to hear PasteQuick works for you.  I am furiously coding on the command-line tool today, and once that gets your stamp of approval, I'll feel confident integrating that functionality into PasteQuick.  Thanks for the inspiration!
* Edvard returns to coding furiously...

 :Thmbsup: looking forward to it.
One other request, if a file is not specified can it just post text supplied to the command line?

Something like -paste:"text to paste"

Sorry I'll let you take over.  ;)

Something like -paste:"text to paste"
--- End quote ---
Yep, no problem.  
One question: according to an email conversation I had with a Pastebin dev, the Dev Key is really only needed so they can track the popularity of an app, it's not really for identification.  That's what the User Key is for.  The User Key is easily generated via a Curl POST request, or I could have that as an option of the utility.  Would you like everything specified via command line, or should there be a configuration file for some default values (like User Key)?  Actually, let's save that for later, I just want to get something working out the door...

Looking at the pastebin Api it says that the dev key is required to make the posts. I already am able to create the user key using curl so just need to be able to pass that to post parameters. I would like to be able to just pass everything to the command line but you can add an option for a configure file if you want as well.

Thinking about it you can add the user key creation into it as well, would be one less file to have to include.

Heck while you are at it, maybe add the ability to list the pasts also and return the output xml? Not needed for the initial release and you don't really need to add it as I do this with curl also but I thought I would throw it in also. :)


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