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Pastebin command-line app for windows

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Could someone make a windows command-line app to post a text file to pastebin? Syntax would be something like:

pbcl.exe -file:<path/to/file.txt could be a large file up to the 10mb limit> -title:<paste title> -devkey:<key> -userkey:<key or blank for guest> -expire:<a valid pastebin expire code> -private:<a valid pastebin private code> -syntax:<a valid pastebin syntax code>

Return the pastebin URL or error code from pastebin API

If there is already an app like this could you point me to it?

If this could be done asap I would love it (under a deadline) and if maybe in Autohotkey with source so I can learn, that would be helpful as well.

Thank you so much!!!

I'm trying to use CURL.exe but it only gets me so far. If I have a large paste it errors out  >:( .... Most of my pastes will be large.

This is the only thing I found that looks close.  Not much detail though.

Saw that. It's for Python.

I am planning on adding command-line options to my app Pastequick, but that won't be overnight.  You could try it as-is, I've gotten good feedback about it.

*mumbles to self* Perhaps I could just take the engine out and make a command-line tool with it...  
When do you need this?  I might need a few nights...


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