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Solved: Pale Moon: How to navigate w Home/End? The answer: [F7]


For 8 months I was forced to use Internet Explorer and Firefox 23, and thus forgot how to navigate the Internet pages, when using Pale Moon!  :-[

In "a" Internet browser you can navigate the Internet pages by using your keyboard's Home, End. But not in Pale Moon! In my Pale Moon 25.3.1 (x86) these buttons will merely navigate the lines / objects, not the page: The cursor will move exactly as if you were typing a text in a message box; "Home" goes to the beginning of the same line, instead of to the top of the page!

Pale Moon doesn't have a (sorry, I don't remember the exact phrase right now) "Always navigate something ..keyboard.. something" -option.

I am on a laptop, so navigation is already difficult, and I need it to be as easy as possibly.

So, dear Pale Moon user, how did you overcome this problem?  :tellme:

Or is it just me?  :)

Home/End goes to the top/bottom of the page here, PM 25.2.1.

In Danish the missing Mozilla line goes: "Brug altid markør og tastatur til at navigere på sider", so my private translation goes "for navigating pages, always use the marker and the keyboard". In English it is called Caret Browsing, and now I know that it is activated / deactivated by pressing [F7].

I wonder why Caret Browsing was default, and why the quoted line (from Firefox) not is in Pale Moon as well?
Well, problem solved, case closed.

I wonder why Caret Browsing was default
-Curt (April 01, 2015, 09:30 AM)
--- End quote ---

It's a matter of use caret, and stick.  :o


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