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Any Android coders here? Looking for a mobile DC forum reader!

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It's been forever since I posted, so I apologize if this is better suited for a different area of the forum. :-[

Basically, I'm wondering if we have any Android devs that are looking for something to do! Because of medical reasons/current state, I can't really use my proper PC to read the DC forums. I spend a lot of my days on my tablet and phone, talking with friends, browsing reddit, scrolling down my Facebook feed... But it would be nice to read techy things from, and to talk with, the people I recognize :)

Anyone? Or suggestions for a work around? My Googling came up dry...
(and, sorry for any major errors, it is annoying to use Chrome for text)

How about any good rss reader to access the forum through the rss feeds (

I'm usually not a big fan of (read: vehemently against) all those darn special-purpose apps, but I'll have to admit that the forums aren't too fun to interact with on a phone... even on a 7" tablet, it's painful.

Perhaps the pain could be alleviated with some mobile stylesheets, instead of a fullblown app?

[TIPS / TRICKS] Create Android App For Your Forum

That looks like an interesting approach...

Nice find, wraith.  :up:


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