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I have put a "share with facebook" type thing on the pages (temporarily?)..

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I'm okay with them.

OK, This was nagging by me...for several notable reasons:

1. is currently running in 2002 mode.  Yes a lot of people here hate Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and any sort of social media...but even those who do cannot honestly say that they are not a fantastic way to get attention for a website/project.-Stephen66515 (March 28, 2015, 06:24 PM)
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Not all people are of the opinion that the "2015 internet" is better than than the "2002 internet". Better looking? Sure! Faster? Yes! Easier? Yep! More useful?  
The thing is: by making sharing too easy, everybody starts doing this and will become noise on the receiving end. More eyeballs will see it, I am sure of that. But if this results in youtube-style comments on postings on the DC forum, then what has been accomplished here?

2. This actually proves my point about mouser always hating change.  Ay time there is an experiment on the site, or something that could work fantastically well...It is always lead with "I will not be keeping this" "I hate this" blah blah's 2015...This is the norm.
-Stephen66515 (March 28, 2015, 06:24 PM)
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Ah, the sheeple argument...

Think about it this way...On average, people on Facebook have around 300-500 one person reads something on DC right now...unless they can be bothered going through the rigmarole of Copying the URL, going to Facebook/Twitter, pasting it (or shortening it first on Twitter) then posting it...they are simply not going to share it...but with the buttons that are currently on DC now (After I bugged you enough for you to add them!), it is a simple 2 click procedure.  You know how many people use these buttons?  Do you know how many more hits website get because they have sharing functions?  You probably don't because you have an intense hatred for change and future-proofing.  1 person clicking share, could potentially reach 500 friends...if 2 people also share from their friends (going on the basis of 500 average friends) - that is a reach of 1500 people...from one person clicking 2 buttons...which...I am sorry...but at the moment, DC simply doesn't get that kind of coverage because people just are not going to go through the shit of copy/pasting links every 5 minutes if there are a good few topics they feel their friends may like!
-Stephen66515 (March 28, 2015, 06:24 PM)
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Easier to generate more noise. Some people have work to do and like to come home to visit, look at an/or discuss vetted content, instead of the wading garbage being served to you by FB etc. While the amount of crap being shoveled by FB is impressive and it would be actually interesting to see/touch/play with the hardware that is doing the shit-shoveling...but it is still shit-shoveling we're talking about here.

"Personally I find it too much in your face distracting"

Yeah, Because you live in 2002 and don't accept change.
-Stephen66515 (March 28, 2015, 06:24 PM)
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The bar is not shown in the same visual style as the DC forum and the color makes it stick out. Some are bothered by that, some don't. Ever since I put my first steps on the internet I have become very adept at ignoring content without use to me. This bar falls in that same category.

"I'm open to adding some very subtle extra button somewhere that pops up a menu"

You mean like the one that used to be on DC...the one that nobody used?  Oh yeah...they didn't use it because it was VERY SUBTLE and NOBODY KNEW IT WAS THERE!  :huh:

Mouser, you know me, and you know I will be straight up honest with you...You need to accept change...DC is 10 years old...but stop acting like everything is still as it were back is 2015...accept change or be left behind in the dust...DC needs to incorporate all that is good, and accept that having an in-your-face popup, that could potentially mean DC gets a HUGE increase in traffic (Or at least a huge amount of potential towards free advertising).
-Stephen66515 (March 28, 2015, 06:24 PM)
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Some spit-balling here: if you must have these buttons, I would update the profile pages here at DC and have check boxes (default enabled/disabled/cookie) close to the 'Post' button that way it is easy to share your own posts on a forum thread and if you have nothing to add to the thread you could add buttons to the first post. Or make a DC share button that shares automatically with the 'socials', according to the configuration on your own profile page. That way you could get rid of the bar, but not give up on the sharing functionality...for those that care at least.

Fortunately I seem to have missed the blue bar, but the buttons that are present now are not bothersome.

That said there is a good bit of wasted space, where there are really 4 rows of buttons (if you include the RSS button and Translate option). Maybe the first three rows (the buttons) could be condensed into one? Facebook buttons, then RSS which would be a good separator, then the others?

i've put the social sharing buttons all on one row now.

I don't mind these ones. Much better than that HUGE blue bar that suddenly showed up unexpectedly, while I was trying to reply to a post, covering part of the box.


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