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Notice on every shutdown? Norton WSC Integration may be culprit

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I was getting that stupid screen about some process still running and do I want to kill it, on every shutdown.

I happened to look in Task Scheduler for another reason and noticed this Norton WSC Integration task triggered to run on shutdown.  Bingo!  I deleted it and the shutdown screen is no more.

I saw some others posting that even if you uninstall Norton and use the Removal Tool, this vestige hangs on.

I guess the obvious questions are what does WSC stand for? And what does this task supposedly do?

I'm not sure if it refers to Windows Script Component, a COM thing.  Or Windows Security Console. It could be Norton looks for something on shutdown.  Perhaps preventing some malware from loading itself as a driver?  I'm just speculating.  The only thing I've done with Norton av type stuff is try to get it all off my PCs when booting up new machines.

It was really annoying though. It caused me to be asked if I wanted to shut down even though something was still running.  I think the only thing running was this integration crap.  But it always quit before I could read the message.  It didn't seem worth the effort of combing the log files.

A new machine == A new reinstalling of Windows in my book. :)

A new machine == A new reinstalling of Windows in my book. :)
-Innuendo (March 30, 2015, 06:41 PM)
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