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bibliographical references



I want to insert some references in a MS Word document.

I want to go to the end of a sentence, enter a hyperlink [1], then go at the end of the document and type the whole title of the reference, ie, 1) Book blah, Author blah, 2010.

But can I do that faster?

is there any better way? to insert reference links and then type in a list at the end, of the references?


There is some academic software for that. I forget the name though. It manages references for you in documents. It's out there... Sorry I can't be of more help.

Scrivener (price ~ $30) does that easily and it exports to MS Word.

I am pretty sure MS Word has a similar feature, but can't find it

There are a bunch of serious academic tools for creating bibliographies -- many specialized for MS Word.
The most well known is EndNote, but there are free options as well.

Here's a good wikipedia page comparing some:


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