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Program to override usual window close button with superfast TerminateProcess?

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You can try SuperF4 (free),

It is must have app for me. Since I develop programs, many a times they go into infinite loop. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+F4 instantly closes them, even faster that opening task manager and searching and killing it.

I also use it to close FireFox at times when I have lots of tabs opened and one tab causes FF 'not responding'. Killing FF and then restarting it get me all tabs back and then I close the erroneous tab and have other tabs to read.



-anandcoral (March 27, 2015, 06:09 AM)
--- End quote ---

Just chiming in, this is a broader use case than it sounds.

I sometimes don't get involved in these little programs, but the "super browser overload" problem creeps in faster than many people realize!


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