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Please try these masks...


Can someone else please try this...
I've zipped two mask/frame combos.
They are ones I made a long time ago and they did work back then.
After not even messing with the feature for 3 years, I'm wanting to make myself some "torn edge" effects.

I think I'm doing everything correctly, but I'm getting an error message.  Oddly, the mask/frame of one hand holding a round screenshot is working perfectly, but the one with two hands holding a rectangle is causing the following error message:

Access violation at address 00728C6C in module 'ScreenshotCaptor.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

The 'frame' part actually is getting applied, but the mask (handholding2.png.mask) is not, so I assume that it is the mask causing the crash....  
Any ideas?   Thanks All   :)

EDIT:  My bad...  I posted about this same problem in 2013 and had completely forgoten....   :-[
The secret is for the mask to be named "name.png.maskpng"

FYI for Mouser: the help file still lists the old rules. 

Thanks very much for the post, kunkel!
I will fix the help file and let me make sure it doesn't crash if the files are not named correctly!


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