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yep, first time i've heard of a problem hanging..
Next time it hangs can you observe with the statusbar shows in terms of number of packets parsed and queued.. I'd like to if perhaps its some huge number that get backed up or something.
I could maybe make you a debug version that would let us track down where its hanging.

Okay, it stopped after a long time of use this evening. Down along the bottom, it says "Initializing WinPCap Network adapter 'Realtek Ethernet Controller' on local host - rpcap://\De......" Because it is (Not Responding) I cannot stretch the screen to get any more of the text. Has this been helpful for you to understand what might be possibly going on with this?

Network Adapter: Pealtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
    Clicked on it's properties and checked online for driver update and it said I have the most current driver already installed.
-SuperSoaker (March 24, 2015, 03:41 PM)
--- End quote ---
You'll have to go to the Realtek site (better use Google to search for the exact chipset type download) and install the latest from there for your OS. Windows Update is usually 'quite conservative' in getting updated hardware drivers.

You know, this might sound stupid, but I built my PC from scratch over a year ago and can't remember if I purchased the adapter or if it was on the motherboard. Went shopping at Tiger Direct store and a salesman helped me decide all the peripherals to purchase. I cannot remember if this was on the Motherboard or if it was a separate purchase. I looked thru all my booklets and did not find anything on it. I bought a Asus Z87-A Motherboard. I did go to the website, but could not figure out which one I have and which one I should download the driver for.


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