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Downloading from DonationCoder always gives me problems

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But if it's a problem you encounter every time, then that can't be the explanation.
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Indeed. That isn't the problem.

I'm located in Belgium. In my work office. Sorry, I don't know for sure who's the provider of my employer.
What I will do, is try to perform a DC download at home and see if it is different over there.
(I don't remember by heart if I had DonationCoder download problems @ home)
I'll keep you informed.

Do you experience the forum having trouble loading for you as well, or is it only just downloads?
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Just downloads. They start at reasonable speed and the speed is decrementing as it goes to eventually stop.
But now, I know I can resume with my download manager plugin.

Have you tried direct downloads instead of going through a download manager?  Perhaps using DC updater to download the update?

Have you tried direct downloads instead of going through a download manager?
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Yes I did.
As I said:
2) I tried to download the file with Chrome (without any plug in): same problem.
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I'd say the big test will be when you try from home. I'm in Germany but not too far from you, and havent had any problems lately.

I'd assume that the A/V and/or network monitoring systems in your office are of such poor quality it can't handle a bit of clean software downloading...


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