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WinPatrol going subscription

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At the last big sale, when I finally caved and bought a license to both WinPatrol and WinPrivacy, there was blurbage to the fact that a subscription model was probably coming down the pike, sooner rather than later.

That time has finally come. Lots of software devs have to do it. The fact that the software changed hands before it happened is largely irrelevant. At the prices he's charging and the volume of licenses he most likely is moving, he's not going to get rich any time soon, either.

That he gave a warning so far in advance is extremely fair. He's now giving a second warning now that the transition time is bearing down upon us. Anyone who wants a lifetime license can go buy one right now. With the crazy way the economy has been acting the last few years....the recession a while back, the crazy-cheap gas prices in the U.S. right now, I don't see how anyone can accurately plan anything into any campaign without the aid of a working crystal ball.....and if you've got one of those, you aren't gonna waste your time writing shareware. ;)

Ruiware is releasing another piece of software in their suite- WinAntiRansom, to protect against RansomWare.  But more than that, they're offering to upgrade anyone that purchases it during the beta to Lifetime licenses on any WinPatrol/WinPrivacy subscriptions they may have.

Better yet, if you own a subscription license for WinPatrol, WinPrivacy or both, we'll convert them into a Lifetime license with the purchase of WinAntiRansom!

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Check it out if you were interested in lifetime licensing:


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