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WinPatrol going subscription

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I don't know if this has been posted already, but I just read in the latest WinPatrol Newsletter:

Ability to purchase a Subscription free licensing ends March 31st.

Because I'm not one to hide from news that some may not like, I'm putting this at the top of the email.

Tell your everyone you know. The ability to purchase subscription free licensing ends March 31st, 2015.

For everyone who purchases a license on or before March 31st, 2015, we will honor your subscription free license entitling you to free updates in perpetuity.

As an existing customer, nothing will change for you!

* If you purchase a new computer, so what. You have a license
* If your computer crashes and you replace it. No big deal, you have a license.
* If you lose your license, write to us. We'll tell you what it is.
* If you buy a second, third, fourth or fifth computer, great! You're covered.
Why are we doing this?

* Without the additional revenue from annual renewals we cannot compete with everyone else. That has become apparent.
* We've brought in a few people to help us update the PLUS data, only to have them leave very quickly to go elsewhere for more money.
* I don't want to have to outsource to get help with email support! I want them to report to me as my employee. This guarantees you'll continue to get the quality of support you've grown accustomed to and not be subjected sales pitches for other products when you simply want the help you deserve.
* This is not an act of greed. This is an act to guarantee your lifetime license for WinPatrol and WinPrivacy truly does last your lifetime.
Tell everyone you know.

Use coupon code "lastchance" (no quotes) to get 25% off a license that lasts forever!

Coupon valid through March 31st, 2015.
--- End quote ---

I wonder what will happen to the Free functionality?  WP was one of those I didn't really need the paid version. But when it was on a discount I bought a license just because I used it for so long.  Seems we are headed towards a "pay as you click" system.  Every time you hit the refresh button on a browser a .wav file will play "KaChing!" sound and bill your PayPal.

Holding out as long as he could is nice, as mentioned numerous times by many people he is one of the nicer guys.
Having said that I will not hide the feeling that I dislike license changes, no matter who does them. Hosting and developing software has always been a challenge, even someone like me who doesn't do it has seen it many places, it's not a new thing and has nothing to do with greed or lack there of it either.
My point being, I rather see something start as (a wow that's expensive) shareware from the start than free then not free after X years.

Bill P recently sold WinPatrol.  There was a big deal made on the transition about picking someone who would continue the same traditions yadda yadda.  I'm not really bashing the new developer trying to make a few $$.  It's just that everything seems to be trending to having a meter attached.  People with longer names will change them to short ones because when they sign something online they will be charged per keystroke.  Pay toilets won't have a coin box on the door but on the toilet paper dispenser.  Pull on the roll and watch your bankroll dwindle.

It's like the bean counters are going to nickel and dime us all to death.  Every gimmick and angle will be exploited.

If you bought a license before (or buy it before the time is up), you get a program that you don't have to pay for ever again.  And once that time passes, it will be upfront with the costs.  The only people I can see that would be possibly screwed are the ones using the free version that don't know about the transition.  But then again, if you were willing to buy... then you would have bought.

So it seems that he is continuing the tradition for those that were a part of the tradition, IMO.  And a subscription based service probably means the same thing as the others in this space have done... a yearly cost.  Doesn't seem unfair at all to me.


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