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how can I do this in excel?

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I told you I cannot do CMS
-kalos (March 23, 2015, 04:17 PM)
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If you can manage using Excel, then, compared, a CMS is a piece of cake.

it's not a matter of difficulty, it's that the server is secure and I cannot run my own stuff on it

so TaoPhoenix, sorry but your posts are a bit hard to follow
so do I need anything else apart from the xls index file and the files themselves?
I think you mention something about a program that will perform a dir command to that folder?
but I need to have command line access to the web server, right?

@kalos, I'm quite a basic spreadsheet user - I have used relative links (but not using excel), and I can follow Tao's posts (in particular #12 & #14).
Try rereading them and give it a go and see if it works - he's given you a template file - all you need is to test it with one linked file to see if it works in practice.

(I make up a lot of my own terms.)
-TaoPhoenix (March 23, 2015, 01:30 PM)
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lol, that's the problem
anyway I will test it again


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