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Life sucks and here is why.

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On friday, a friend of mine, her son was hit by a car. He is brain dead and will be taken off of life support on the 25th. He is only 5 years old. They are trying to donate his organs. I found out on saturday. A few hours be for that, my landlady's daughter's son had to go to icu and most likely will not make it. He is only 7 months old and they have no idea what is wrong.
The daughter and her son were just visiting the last week and I had spent time playing with him. They flew home friday night and by saturday morning, he was in the hospital.
All of this is bringing back the memories and pain of losing my gf, just over five years ago. And then on top of this, I am empathic and feeling all of it.
Please dont pity me, please just send prayer and positive energy to these people.

Sorry to hear that rno.. Sometimes just surviving is a struggle.

Sending positive vibes.

Sending positive thoughts.

I'm a father myself. I can't imagine anything more painful than one of my children getting seriously hurt or ill or one of them dying. Whenever I read about a child that died the thought comes to mind and my stomach cringes.


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