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Microsoft Q&A: Azure Mobile Services


Sitepoint will be hosting a live, 4 part Q&A on their forum:

Team SitePoint is proud to announce we have 4 Microsoft Q&A sessions being hosted on this very forum. Each 30 minute session focuses on a specific aspect of Microsoft products, the first of which is this Tuesday, 24th March at 9am AEST (click here to find your timezone) on Azure Mobile Services.

Our first session will be facilitated by myself and all questions answered by Microsoft Evangelist Andrew Coates (linkedin | twitter | blog). Andrew Coates has been a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft for over ten years. During that time he’s focused on .Net development on the desktop, in the cloud, on the web and, most recently, on mobile devices. Andrew has a number of apps in various stores and generally has far too much fun doing his job to honestly be able to call it work.
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 The four Microsoft Q&A sessions will take place on the following days:

* Tue 24th March
* Thu 26th March
* Tue 31st March
* Thu 2nd April
DISCLOSURE: I work for SitePoint, but they did not pay or encourage me to make this post.


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