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Anyone getting a Pebble Time?

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nosh, if we want to talk about smartwatch aesthetics I really like the looks of the Asus ZenWatch. Of course, aesthetics are a subjective, personal thing.

I was also thinking the Pebble Time might be the one to get. I like that they are using e-ink for the display to prolong battery life.

They also seem to be outdoing Apple in considering the user experience with their "it's not a tiny smartphone" timeline approach. I think if Steve Jobs had seen the current state Apple Smartwatch he'd have rebooted the project and sent them back to the drawing board at least once already...

But I don't know - after seeing that comic I may have to reconsider.  :-\ I've done without a watch for years, so I don't really need one. But new toys are fun!  8)

-Edvard (March 29, 2015, 05:46 PM)
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He he.

How many years 'til embedding of devices within one's body is widespread?

I fell for one (version II), and expecting it in June, I'll see from there....


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