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DONE: Rescue orphans

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I have a download area that regularly ends up with "orphans" in folders/subdirs (subdirs with a single file) as their former companions are replaced elsewhere by newer or better versions. What I'd like to do is somehow automate going through a particular dir tree, and any files that are by themselves in their own folder are moved to their parent dir.

If that then creates another single-file dir, these would then be moved again to the next higher dir (either by running the program/script again or by the program/script checking for it). If anybody knows of something that already does this, please let me know.

The alternative concept is to match a filename pattern in a root directory with existing subdirs. Any takers? :)

I thought about this a little as a bat file and/or a pascal app. 
Do you really need this or are you just bored  :P

Hi, Rover -- no, I've been hunting for this for quite some time now. :)  I've never found anything that will quite do it.

Here's a bit of background and discussion of the initial concept, but if you have a better idea I'm all, uh, eyes. 8)

As this isn't a big solution, i didn't make a complete script out of it.
It should work, though.
(i hope you have autohotkey installed.)

PS: sorry for not having done this before, but i couldn't make recursive functions in ahk.


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