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I've bought a Mac

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Some people aren't going to like this...  I've bought a Mac.  I've always wanted one, but never been able to afford it.  Now I've ordered a white 2ghz Macbook, and dang I wish it were here already!

I hope people won't be offended by my doing this, but I need to raise some money to pay for this new machine - if this kind of posting isn't on, dear Mouser and other Moderators, please delete it.  Over the last year or so, I've bought a whole lot of really good software, which I now no longer have a use for (I'm selling my Windows machine to a friend, and while I likely will run XP on my Mac, I will do all the things these programs do from within OS X).  So I'm wondering if anyone is interested in buying some software from me?

Here's the list of what I have:

* Microsoft Office 2003 Student and Teacher edition (original packaged, holographed CD included - licensed for installation on three computers) - UK only, as I will mail you the CD: £65
* Look 'n' Stop firewall: £15
* Roboform Pro: £15
* WindowBlinds 5: £10
* Acronis TrueImage 9: £20
* Genie Backup Manager Pro 6: £25

If you're interested in any of these, please p.m. me.

Carol Haynes:
Not sure you can legally sell on the Office 2003 - I think it is forbidden in the license (because it isn't a full commercial version). Not sure what happens these days with activation under commercial copies either!

m_s, I am deeply disappointed and heartbroken that you have gone to the "dark place"; that you'd stoop so low as to betray us — we, your loyal minions! What have we done to deserve this?  ;D

I'd simply ditch the software, hope you enjoy your Mac. Be sure to Digg the latest heat issues on MacBook, though, and let us know what you love/hate about it.

Carol Haynes:
Of course you could always start a Mac section here ....

if/when there are enough mac users here we could create a section for mac soft..


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