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I've bought a Mac

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Carol Haynes:
Chicken - egg ...

shall i make a little mac hideout section and linux hideout?

Carol Haynes:
I think that would be good - but everyone will have to promise to be nice and friendly to the minority - and not take the piss too much ;)

Would be nice to see what is available for Mac and Linux anyway for people who use those systems (either as their only system or as a second OS). And maybe there could be some potential for a coding snack section if anyone knows anything about it!

I too got a iMac, a couple of months ago.
I was thinking about experimenting a bit with OS X & Objective C + Cocoa from sometimes and the roll out of the new Intel models, plus the ability to boot about any x86 OS was the last things I needed to make the buy.
Currently I find myself using it as a Windows box most of the time, highly appreciating the fact that is nearly silent and cool running.

Haven't yet found enough time to play with the OS X dev tools, but it definitely make a good impression.


So my Mac finally arrived yesterday, and it's wonderful.  I've never had an easier Windows-Windows transition between two computers than I experienced in moving my life across to this machine.  of course, using the bat! for email made this a lot easier... 


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