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Gridmove not working for certain kinds of windows


I can't get gridmove working for certain windows.  Works fine for every kind of window except pokerstars windows.  I'm trying to use it to manage my poker tables while playing.

Dragging pokerstars windows into the target zones doesn't work.  Neither do the hot keys.  Nothing happens.  But it works perfectly for every other kind of window.

This is with the default templates, and any I've made myself.

Would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas.  Thanks :)

Here's an image:

Gridmove not working for certain kinds of windows

Hi Donkzilla,

Unfortunately, pokerstars windows ignore the messages that GridMove uses to move windows (they use some kind of special custom framework to build the GUI). This means there is no way for GridMove to move these kinds of windows, sorry.

Hey thanks for your reply.  Aww that's too bad.  Gridmove is such an excellent tool.  Thanks for sharing it.

Actually, I got it working by running gridmove as admin.  Works perfectly now :)

I was having the same trouble with Emacs - running GridMove as Administrator fixed this for me too


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