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Batch find/replace multiple strings in a single text file


I work with CNC equipment that uses g-code to control the motion. It is a simple text file with machine specific codes and vector positioning. I use a program that outputs the code in a not so generic form and I also need to change some of the codes for use with a laser. I need to add spaces, replace characters ect and would like to do so with the least amount of manual repetition. I have used Notepad ++ but have not figured out how to accomplish this. Any ideas or programs to use would be great. Thanks!

If you have is some before/after examples we could probably generate the regex for global replacements within Notepad++.

You might try a free-standing bulk search-and-replace utility.  If you're happy with console mode and/or command lines, try the freeware MiniTrue, though on Windows it's probably better to use the version tweaked by Jason Hood here.  If you'd prefer WinGUI, take a look at the  two related programs HandyFile Find And Replace and Text Workbench.  I've used both MiniTrue and Text Workbench in the (distant) past.

Such multiple replacements can be done also on console or via a script
by utilizing PowerShell, which is already there on each Win7/Win8 PC.


$Origin = Get-Content .\test.txt

$LineWrap = $Origin -replace "(.{72}\b )", "`$1`r`n"

$Replacement = $LineWrap -replace "code\b", "program"

Set-Content .\test-new.txt -value $Replacement



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