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Gridmove question


Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question.  I think mouser made this software but I don't see a specific forum for it like his other programs.

I can't get gridmove (an AutoHotkey program) working for certain windows.  Works fine for every kind of window except pokerstars windows.  I'm trying to use it to manage my poker tables while playing.

Dragging windows into the target zones doesn't work.  Neither do the hot keys.  Nothing happens.  But both work perfectly for every other kind of window.

Would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas.  Thanks :)

Hi Donkzilla.
The wonderful GridMove was made by dc member jgpaiva.  There is a forum section for it here:

Awesoooome.  Couldn't find it before.  Thanks Mouse!

no problem!


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