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piston and gear design

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can anyone help me please create a simple piston and gear design?

we have a piston with a vertical rod at its lower end

then we have a gear attached to that rod




You may find inspiration in thingiverse dot com

Is the rod attached to the gear offset? (so the piston action turns the gear)  Do you need just an illustration, or an animated thing?  Does it have to be detailed, or can it be simple shapes?

yes, the piston action turns the gear, the motion is transferred from the piston to the gear via the teeth of the vertical rod where the gear attaches)

simple shapes would be ok
animation would be amazing, but a static image would be ok

is there a program that will let me draw a piston with its rod to be a simple rod but with teeth?

then few more gears and a band to connect them and I am done!


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