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piston and gear design

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like this
but the rod must have teeth to engage with the gear (drawn as a star)
and then I need to add a couple of gears more and a connecting belt between them and I am done!

Aha, so the piston rod is actually like a rack gear.  OK.  Like so?

piston and gear design

(drawn in Inkscape 0.91 with the new "Rack Gear" render function)

yeah! thanks!

but can that rack gear have teeth in the right side as well?

will try to replicate it!

Here's the SVG file, if you want to play around with it in Inkscape.  I'm a bit busy at the moment, but if I get some time later, I'll tweak it and re-post.

that's excellent, thank you very much!
I will tweak it


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