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SoftMaker (makers of SoftOffice) moving away from eM Client to Thunderbird

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Thanks for posting, Martin Kotulla.  I hope that this works out to benefit both SoftMaker and Thunderbird.

OT to Martin of Softmaker:

I bought your SoftOffice suite a few weeks ago, but quit using it because your spreadsheet does not have a function wizard feature.

Do you have plans to include it in the 2016 version?

I switched from Microsoft Office 2010 to SoftMaker Office Pro 12 but recently switched back due to a few notable bugs and excluded features that turned out to be too much to accept.

One biggie is that in PlanMaker - similar to Excel - it insisted on saying I was using the German version - but only with regard to the date format. I would have to change it every time I entered dates in any spreadsheet. Support insisted that it should be using the Windows Regional settings on my computer, but that is US English and PlanMaker agreed - except for the damn date format! Also, PlanMaker always puts date columns in "latest date first" or descending order, which is the opposite of Excel. Besides that, while PlanMaker does use functions like Excel, it doesn’t recognize formulae already created in Excel when you import Excel spreadsheets, thus all my existing formulae were considered invalid and I would have to recreate them in a manner that PlanMaker understood - which was not always easy to do.

Bottom line, I wouldn’t always remember to fix all PlanMaker's little bugs before sending the spreadsheet out and recipients inevitably got confused! I reinstalled Excel last week.


An "enhanced" Thunderbird?

Over time, some design decisions have been made about Thunderbird's user interface that we don't agree with.

SoftMaker has developed several extensions for Thunderbird that integrate it better with SoftMaker Office and revert some controversial design decisions made by Mozilla. With the SoftMaker extensions, Thunderbird sees the return of a regular menu bar and a proper title bar for the application window. The extensions also offer new functions for efficient filing and navigation in folders with large volumes of e-mail.

Additionally, SoftMaker has developed an import filter for eM Client databases. The filter enables fully automated migration of e-mails, address books, calendars, and tasks from eM Client to Thunderbird.

We will ship these extensions together with the upcoming SoftMaker Office 2016 and Thunderbird Office 2016
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