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SunsetScreen v1.0

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Most of you reading a forum dedicated to software (such as this one) will probably have heard about F.lux, and how it 'warms' the screen so you can sleep better at night, or at least have a screen which doesn't glare as much.

Cue SunsetScreen which is like F.lux but improved. In fact SunsetScreen is the only app of its type to allow you to precisely change the hue, saturation and brightness to allow you to match the screen's colour to the indoor lighting. This makes the screen look more appropriate whilst still encouraging the production of melatonin for a good night's sleep.

But perhaps a bigger advantage of SunsetScreen over any other program is the ability to set the sunset and sunrise times to match your sleep pattern, and not the whim of the seasons. For example, in winter, we only get a short day, and programs like F.lux would have the day colour too late, and the night colour too early. SunsetScreen fixes this so that you get a consistent colour changing cycle, whatever time of year it is.

So if you want to maximize seratonin production during the day, and melatonin at night, download SunsetScreen from here:

(btw, I'm the same guy who created SonicPhoto and OpalCalc. Like those two, I'm the developer of SunsetScreen).

Thanks for SunsetScreen!

(OpalCalc is great  :Thmbsup:)


I like to take programs and find unusual new uses for them. The one that sparks me here is that it doesn't just need to be for sleep, but it can be also a type of non-lexic alarm clock. So if you're just doing your thing, the screen change can signal you're supposed to do something.

Just released v1.03 which since v1.0, fixes saving of the settings on reboot, along with being able to set any colour including darker shades.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

V1.10 just released - A big fix which prevents crashes and unexpected colour changes for anyone here who experienced that.

This'll probably be my last update in this thread for a while - I'd love to hear some more feedback/criticism.


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