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Create Shortcut Icons for Keyboard Shortcuts

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Hi, is there a program that allows users to assign keyboard shortcuts and save those as icons on the desktop?
For example, pressing Alt + F4 shows the window that allows the user to shutdown, restart, etc. Now I would like this shortcut to be created as a icon on my desktop so when I click that icon, this same window should show up.

That's quite easy, but a step-by-step guide with pictures is the easiest, I guess:

It does sound a little bit backward though... :huh:

If you actually want to send the key sequence as if you keyed it while the desktop was the active window(has the keyboard focus)  you could script in AHK to just send the keys.  To send Alt + F4 in AHK is
Send !{F4}

So an AHK program to set focus to desktop then send Alt + F4 might look like this

--- ---; SendAltF4.ahk
; make Desktop active then
; send the keys
Sendmode Input
WinActivate ahk_class Progman

Then just follow the same procedure to create a shortcut for the script as in the tutorial linked by Ath.  Or you can programatically create them using AHK's FileCreateShortcut command to create the .lnk files on the desktop.

Note:  To use the mini-scripts without AHK installed on the machine you would compile them to exe.  They might make fun novelty programs.  :)

Thanks MilesAhead! I will test this and let you know if this works.

Lovely! Works just how I need it.  :up: I have also compiled it to get a executable file. Now figuring out a way to change the icon from the default letter "H"  :-\


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