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email account with fastest sign up

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I want to create a new email account in the fastest way

ie. to specify username/password and click sign up!

without any other info!

is it possible?

I want to use it as a disposable email each time I need it

because disposable emails are almost all blacklisted!



If mailinator is blacklisted, use one of the alternate domains it lists on the website (it shows a different one every so often):

-Deozaan (March 13, 2015, 06:20 PM)
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Thank you so much for the mention!! What a useful concept - I hope they have a number of subscribers to keep the service running. There are so many good valid reasons to have something like this (and of course bunches of unpleasant reasons).

unfortunately most of mailinator's domains are blacklisted

There's also Trashmail, just create a free account at their site, (any emails sent to the Trashmail address are forwarded for a short period - there are limits with free accounts), and then use their Firefox plugin:

email account with fastest sign up

email account with fastest sign up

unfortunately most of mailinator's domains are blacklisted-kalos (March 13, 2015, 07:17 PM)
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Yep, you'll find that with most disposable email providers, here's a list from 2012 of domains then used.


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