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Once-in-a-century Pi Day 03/14/15

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Woo hoo!

We in India, where date is written as dd/mm/yy,  could have had our PI day next month, if April had 31 days.

31/4/15 9:26:53

Keeping the time before also requires us to wait till 2065 at least.

3:14:15 9/2/65

No PI for us, now :(

Nearly  :(


There's always 06/28/31 8:53:07. 8)

Pi is an irrational number and can only be represented in decimal notation as an approximation.

In the case of Pi, rounding (3.1416) provides a better decimal approximation than truncation (3.1415).

I conclude therefore that next year's Pi day (3/14/16) will be a closer fit than this year's Pi day.


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