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[Free Book] Blockchain Programming in C#




Aspiring developers are looking at Bitcoin in order to take their coding skills to the next level. Even though there are plenty of hints, tips and tricks to be found on the internet, an actual “coder’s manual” is not as easy to find as one might want. That is about to change however, as the first part of “Blockchain Programming in C#” has been made available for free.

Nicolas Dorier is the author and creator of “Blockchain Programming in C#”. The reason for making this series of books available to the public for free, is because Nicolas strongly believes that one of the way to make Bitcoin successful is to teach developers how to program it themselves. But how do you get started in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

A lot of (aspiring) developers wil rely on web API calls in order to create a new Bitcoin tool, service or platform. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but these API’s have so much underlying technology which isn’t used to its full potential by those developers. Furthermore, you are almost “forcing” the user to look at a certain “problem” through someone else’s eyes, which is not what Bitcoin and decentralization is all about.

One of the major drawbacks of relying on API calls for your coding masterpiece is the fact that these APIs don’t give you full access to everything Bitcoin technology has to offer. When learning to develop for Bitcoin from scratch, you will get access to far more possibilities than by relying  on a third party service. And there is a lot of technology and functions to learn about!

In order to “advance” to the next part of the book, readers will be presented with C# coding challenges which need to be completed successfully. These challenges will start off relatively easily by letting users create a private key, and the difficulty will increase over time. One of the more advanced challenges will be “how to implement a voting system with colored coins”.

The books written by Nicolas Dorier is the first of a three-part series, all of which will be published under the public domain. Feedback in regards to “Blockchain Programming in C#” part one is more than welcome in the official Bitcointalk thread. Overall, the feedback seems to be very positive so far, and I might try my hand at some of the challenges myself even though I am not a coder.

Website :

Book link : Programming in CSharp.pdf
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So many books to read... So much to learn... So little time... Dammit! :mad:

So many books to read... So much to learn... So little time... Dammit! :mad:
-phitsc (January 20, 2015, 01:47 AM)
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One of my fantasies is to have a nice little pocket universe where time stood still outside of it, then go in to read, experiment, build, etc. Time is the most unforgiving of friends.

Part II of the book is now available! (Via)

New parts in the book:

* BIP39
* Arbitrary ownership
* Using the transaction Builder (Stealth, CC and normal payment)
* Colored Coins (Open Asset)
* Ricardian contract
* Use case: Liquid democracy voting
* Proof of burn and reputation
* Lots of fixes, over Part I
* Copy/pasteable code instead of screenshots
Now I have this in my head... 8)


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